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WARNING: macOS Sierra incompability

Unfortunately, the GoodNight application cannot be used with the current version of the apple operating system macOS Sierra. At the moment I have no time to fix this issue. I am going to have a look at it soon! Thank you for your patience.

Well, what is this application doing for me?

Do you sometimes watch a movie or listen to music on your MAC before sleeping? Well, I do and pretty often I falls asleep. My poor Macbook keeps playing on until morning wasting electricity. The obvious solution is to set a shutdown timer via terminal with the shutdown command. For users who are not very well versed in handling the command line my GoodNight application might be useful. It acts in a unobtrusive way as a status bar deamon and offers the functionality to start and abort a sleep timer. That's it! No more, no less.


  • runs as deamon with minimal resources
  • uses fancy Growl notifications to informs you about the time remaining until shutdown

GoodNight in action

  • GoodNight in action - choosing time
  • GoodNight in action - choosing mode
  • GoodNight in action - preferences window
  • GoodNight in action - growl notifications

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